About Us

At Communitize, our mission is to ​provide a dynamic Exceptional ​Networking ​Experience ​and an efficient ​Connection platform ​​for the ​Attendees, ​Speakers​, ​​Sponsors, Partners and Organizers ​​at Conferences and Communities.

We are a team of community goers and community organizers who believe that the core of conferences and communities ​is about connecting with people, their ideas, ​getting inspired ​and building relationships​​.​​

We feel that quite often in communities, networking is not given its due, apart from the short networking tea breaks and at times during dinner.

Of course community organizers have to fight the strict timelines to fit in networking into the tight community agenda. But then, the weeks before the community and after the community are not so tight which can be very effectively leveraged for some pre and post community networking.

Communitize is built to unleash this potential of networking to all attendees, making the best out of the entire lifespan of an community.

Resonates as well with you? Let’s Communitize.

Contact us at hello@connectplus.co

Spread the spirit of connectedness!

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